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Why Buy A Pre-Owned Fur?

Pre-Owned Fur CoatBuying a fur coat is a lot like buying a car. You have many decisions to make, the first being should you buy new or used. Similar to a car, a fur is not an investment. A new fur depreciates the minute you take it out of the showroom. In that respect, one reason to buy pre-owned versus new is that it is already depreciated so it costs less. If you love the look, feel and warmth of real fur, but can’t afford new (or don’t want to spend that much money on a coat), then a used fur coat would be ideal for you!

Secondly, buying a pre-owned fur is a form of recycling. You’re actually helping the environment when you wear a pre-owned fur! Fur usually holds up longer than the style lasts, so even when you’re tired of the design, you can have it made into a more fashionable garment, a pillow or any number of home furnishings. When the fur has worn out, it is bio-degradable so it won’t clog up our earth. If you are aware of how recycling helps the environment and how non-biodegradable items wreak havoc with the eco-system, then you are also a good candidate for a pre-owned fur.

We realize that buying a pre-owned fur is a personal choice and isn't for everyone. Therefore, we carry a small selection of new furs for you.



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